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Point72 Academy is an investment analyst training program that will equip you to define your path in an ever-changing industry. We teach you the fundamentals of finance, research, and market behavior while giving you insights into specific sectors and access to some of the industry’s most accomplished investors.

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Since 2015, we have been teaching critical thinkers to apply their skills to the market through programs centered around academics, apprenticeship, and mentorship.

We have investment analyst training opportunities for people looking to earn an analyst career with us, and introductory programs for students considering an investing career for the first time.


Get an in-depth look at the Academy experience and meet leaders and investment professionals from our firm as you listen to Becoming a Hedge Fund Analyst: Inside Point72 Academy.


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Hands-on Experience

  • Do real-world work with portfolio managers and analysts
  • Build your own research and investing process
  • Develop pitches to present to Point72 Academy staff and investment professionals
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Academic Instruction

  • Idea generation and pitching
  • Market forces
  • Management meetings
  • Data analysis
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Ramping stock coverage
  • Accounting and modeling
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Mentorship and Networking

  • Experience one-on-one mentorship with Point72 Academy alumni
  • Attend panels and events with investment professionals and senior leaders
  • Join a cohort of peers with diverse expertise and backgrounds

“During the rotations with investment teams, you get a good glimpse at life on the desk as an analyst. You begin to apply the frameworks that the Academy teaches and it becomes that much more enriching when you have this new level of depth you can take into your research. You also meet a lot of really inspiring people along the way and it’s exciting to surround yourself with high caliber individuals who have been in this industry for a long time.”


Martin Bulanowski joined as a Point72 Academy Summer Intern and returned as a full-time Academy Associate. Today, he works on a team covering Industrials in New York.

Investment Analyst Training

Whether you’re an undergrad, early-career professional, or subject-matter expert looking to apply your skills to our industry, we have training programs designed to position you for a future in investing.

Engagement & Recruiting Programs

Learn more about investing, hedge funds, and Point72 in our opportunities for early-career professionals and students.


Investment Analyst Training

Whether you’re an undergrad, early-career professional, or subject-matter expert looking to apply your skills to our industry, we have training programs designed to position you for a future in investing.

Full-Time Program

Our flagship program is ten months of paid training designed to prepare recent grads and early-career professionals for an investing career.

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Summer Internship

Interns join us during their final summer of university for eight weeks of investment training in preparation for our full-time program.

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Students in their penultimate year join us for a three-week internship in January that earns them priority consideration for our full-time program.


Engagement & Recruiting Programs

Learn more about investing, hedge funds, and Point72 in our opportunities for early-career professionals and students.

Future of Finance Accelerator

To contribute to our firm’s diverse perspectives, students from all fields of study get a two-week deep dive into our business and access to Academy coaches. No previous finance experience required.

Career Info Sessions

These virtual seminars introduce our recruiting teams, industry, and Academy programs. If you’re considering an investing career, start here.

Campus Events

See if we’re headed to your school for a club event and sign up for a coffee chat with a Point72 Academy campus recruiter.

Point72 Academy at a Glance

In the Point72 Academy and as an investment analyst at our firm, you’ll benefit from years of curriculum development, feedback from analysts and portfolio managers, and a network of alumni across our firm. There is no better place to begin an analyst career.

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Point72 Academy graduates have earned analyst roles with us

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of Academy Associates are non-business majors

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What Makes A Great Candidate?

There is no one archetype for a great investment analyst. We have PhDs, classically trained musicians, and special forces veterans. Our strength is in the diversity of perspectives, approaches, and life experiences our people bring to work every day. Among our colleagues, we see a few common characteristics:

  • A commitment to the highest ethical standards
  • Curiosity and a desire to constantly deepen expertise
  • Creative thinking and an ability to see connections others miss
  • Ability and willingness to grow through feedback from mentors, coaches, and the market itself
  • Attention to detail and the ability to distill reams of information into simple ideas

Interested in learning more?

The Point72 Academy newsletter provides updates on open opportunities, tips for standing out as a candidate, and a glimpse into the day-to-day life of an Academy analyst.

What does an investment analyst do?

As an investment analyst, you’ll work closely with your portfolio manager and team to develop a deep understanding of companies across industries and around the world. As you learn to understand what drives stock prices, you’ll try to predict changes before they happen and see your results in real time.


“I was a history major, and I was really drawn to the research aspect of the analyst role. When you study history, everything’s static. When you research companies, it’s dynamic and you see changes every single day. You’re constantly trying to solve a new puzzle with verifiable solutions, rather than theorizing on what might have been.”

Cameron Kinder

Cameron Kinder participated in the Point72 Academy Future of Finance program, Summer Internship, and Investment Analyst Program. Today, he works on a team focused on energy in New York.

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View all open Point72 Academy opportunities on our careers page.

Continuing Your Career at Point72

After successfully graduating from the Point72 Academy full-time program, you’ll earn the opportunity to join a long/short equity investing team and an internal network of Point72 Academy alums spread across ten offices and three continents. As an analyst, you’ll have opportunities to continue to grow as you learn from your PM, senior leadership, and dedicated skill development programs.

“What’s great about being an analyst here is that the learning never stops. Every day is a dialogue with your PM, pitching ideas and hearing their feedback. And it’s not just your PM—there are so many resources and investment professionals to learn from. It’s been valuable to be able to follow my Point72 Academy experience by hearing so many different processes and perspectives on being an investor.”

Zahrah Alnaji

Zahrah Alnaji joined the Point72 Academy Investment Analyst Program for Experienced Professionals from an investment bank. Today, she works on a team covering consumer stocks in London.

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Working Here

Working here, you’ll find a flat, entrepreneurial structure and colleagues as dedicated to innovation and excellence as you are. Our culture of mentorship and development can help you build a long-term career and make an impact on our business.

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Our Values

Driven by our Mission and Values, we are dedicated to contributing to a more just and sustainable world and focused on nurturing our inclusive and community-driven culture. We welcome all employees to join our affinity groups and to give back through our Community Matters volunteering opportunities.