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Solve a Never-Ending Puzzle

We’d like to help you discover something about the world that no one else has. Join our team to take a rigorous approach to understanding the market and building computer-driven trading strategies.

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About Cubist

Cubist designs and implements systematic, computer-driven trading strategies based on rigorous research to invest across multiple liquid asset classes. Our teams around the world develop their investment theses from our extensive access to a wide range of publicly available data. Our colleagues come from other firms, related fields, and directly from academia. Whatever your background, here we all share a passion for problem solving, strong technical skills, and a commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards.

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Who We’re Looking For

Our team includes exceptional individuals who share intellectual curiosity, hands on coding skills, and a passion for excellence. Many are advanced degree holders (MS or PhD) in statistics, computer science, mathematics, physics, operations research, finance, or other quantitative disciplines. We also look for experienced developers who have deployed systematic trading approaches across liquid asset classes including equities, fixed income, FX, and volatility instruments. Relevant programming experience includes Python, C++, Java, C#, MATLAB, R, Q, or Perl.


If you are ready to apply your quantitative research and development skills to the challenge of the global financial markets, our team has endless opportunities.


If you are interested in joining us from university, we have a number of programs designed to help you learn our industry and start your career with us.


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We find many of our candidates through internal referrals. If you know someone who works hereplease reach out!

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What We Offer

Building a career here gives you the opportunity to develop deep domain expertise in finance, do groundbreaking research, and collaborate closely with accomplished peers. You will work with your colleagues, managers, and a pool of external experts to improve your team’s trading models while working to achieve your personal and career goals.

A learning-first culture

In addition to doing our own novel research, we remain deeply connected to the broader academic and industrial research communities by attending and sponsoring many conferences. We also conduct in-house seminars with academic speakers doing path-breaking work in finance, statistics, and other disciplines.

“You get to use your skills to work with incredibly noisy data sets, and that humbles people. The market is human psychology, and we’re modeling that. There are many ways to address an idea here, and we work to help our people learn and grow so they can continually find new solutions and advance their careers.”

Kapil Mathur

Chief Scientist, New York

Success as part of a team

Working with dedicated and capable (and nice) colleagues is essential to being able to move with speed and agility. We try to share wheels, not re-invent them, so individual discoveries can most quickly lead to products or process improvements that have quantifiable and verifiable results in the real world.

“I think it’s really the collaboration in Cubist that attracts me the most—you talk to different people, on your team or in management or on the data team. You get experts from different asset classes, different backgrounds, different regions, and it really helps you come up with different ideas. It’s a nice mixture of being independent but having the ability to be collaborative.”

Emma Lin

Research Analyst, Singapore

New ways to understand the market

With the world’s data at our fingertips, we pursue challenging problems with passion. We’re curious about how things work, and our exploration often leads to the discovery of patterns of behavior which can be translated into a practical trading strategy. Sometimes we just learn neat stuff.

“I studied chemical engineering and computer science and found finance to be an unexpectedly exciting application of my skills. I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn new programming languages, new asset classes, to go from a researcher to deploying my own strategies. It’s an entrepreneurial career—there are always new ideas you can explore.”

Zhendi Su

Portfolio Manager, Bay Area

Do work that matters

The complexity and real-time feedback of global financial markets are rife with opportunity. We are experimental and iterative in our approach to generating predictive insights and taking risk, with a scoreboard that moves in dollars and cents.

“It’s an open-ended problem that challenges you to find something real, and not just a statistical artifact. There’s an art to figuring out what’s important, and you get to learn from people with a lot of experience. It’s a puzzle, it’s coding, it’s mathematics, and you get a lot of ownership out of finding solutions. I find that really satisfying.”

Kartikey Asthana

Research Analyst, New York

Denis Dancanet

President, Cubist Systematic Strategies

Denis Dancanet leads our quantitative investing business, and since joining in 2020 has grown the number of investment teams by 25% and initiated the effort to build out a centralized quant team. He started his career at PDT Partners as an equity statistical arbitrage researcher, growing to lead several strategic initiatives including helping launch PDT as an independent hedge fund. 

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Denis Dancanet, Head of Cubist

Interview Tips

We want all our candidates to have the greatest chance of success here. Our interview tips are designed to help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for an opportunity to join our team.

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Working here, you’ll find a flat, entrepreneurial structure and colleagues as dedicated to innovation and excellence as you are. Our culture of mentorship and development can help you build a long-term career and make an impact on our business.

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Driven by our Mission and Values, we are dedicated to contributing to a more just and sustainable world and focused on nurturing our inclusive and community-driven culture. We welcome all employees to join our affinity groups and to give back through our Community Matters volunteering opportunities.