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Inside Point72 Academy Podcast Debuts New Season

December 2023

We have launched a new season of our podcast series Becoming a Hedge Fund Analyst: Inside Point72 Academy. Hosted by Point72 Head of Investment Professional Development and Point72 Academy Director Jaimi Goodfriend, the podcast provides a one-of-a-kind look at our investment analyst training program, Point72 Academy, featuring interviews from current and former Point72 Academy Associates, investment professionals, and leadership from across the firm.

“We’re always hearing from students that they want to know more about what it’s like to be an Academy Associate or to have an analyst role at our firm. Looking around, we realized that nobody else was really providing that firsthand view of becoming an analyst. So, we decided to share stories from our firm and program and hopefully spark an interest in the incredible amount of talent out there that might not be considering an investing career.” – Jaimi Goodfriend

The season’s first episode—How I Prepared for the Point72 Academy—features a conversation between a graduate of our inaugural 2015 Academy class – now turned Academy coach – and three 2023 Academy Associates. The discussion focuses on how the Associates prepared for their Academy interviews, what surprised them about the full-time program and the hedge fund industry in general, and advice for interested students.

Check it out here!

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